Energy saving

  • depth of SYNEGO profiles is 80 mm
  • space for panes up to 51 mm - perfect for use of triple, warm insulated glazing
  • 7 chambers in the frame, 6 chambers in the wing - for high thermal performance
  • system of 3 seals
  • low folds 117 mm -for obtaining more light in the interior
  • SYNEGO guarantees up to 50% better thermal insulation* in comparison to current standards

* standard windows with the heat transfer coefficient of Uw = 1,36 W/m²K; in SYNEGO windows Uw = 0,66 W/m²K



  • possibility to use solutions for individualised anti-burglary protection

Easiness of cleaning and care

  • special, smooth outer surface of the profiles - HDF (High Definition Finishing)

Window panes

  • possibility to use 2-pane and 3-pane packages, with width of packages ranging from 24mm to 51mm,
  • warm CHROMATECH ULTRA frames in several colour versions,
  • low emission coats guarantee proper thermal performance
  • packages with increased acoustic resistance
  • safe and anti-burglary window panes, laminated or tempered glass
  • reinforcement with reflective panes and ornaments


A window without fittings is only a framed glass. It's fittings that are responsible for closing, opening and tilting of a window. They can increase comfort of use and safety of a window.
It's window fittings that will help to adjust your windows specially to your needs!
In the REHAU SYNEGO system we can use:

  • anti-force-in security fittings and handles with keys
  • TILT FIRST fittings perfectly increase children safety
  • brake in a handle which blocks the opened wing
  • multi-point tilting mechanism
  • DESIGNIO fittings - with hidden hinges
  • and many more

Colors palletizing

Decorative films - Click here to download PDF - Rehau PVC colors palletizing

Decorative films offer the opportunity to create color notes for windows and doors - interior and exterior. For this 40 versions of decorative films in wood and solid colors are available. Decorative films can be applied on one or both sides of the profiles, according to the individual requirements.

Our decorative films are of the highest quality:

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